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Mace Horoff is an award-winning speaker, trainer, consultant and the author of Mastering Medical Sales. He has spent more than thirty years selling, managing, and training in healthcare sales and currently heads Sales Pilot Medical Sales Performance, a company that works with a variety of medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturers to help their sales teams sell more to their healthcare customers.  His clients include companies in the Fortune 500 as well as smaller manufacturers and distributors.  He writes The Medical Sales Blog and produces a weekly podcast called The Medical Sales Guru Podcast.

Mace earned a B.S. degree in Biology from Emory University and entered a Ph.D. program in Anatomy at the University of Florida.  Upon the realization that he was not suited for the isolation of academic research, Mace left graduate school and moved to Nuclear Medicine Technology.

After landing a position running a mobile nuclear cardiology scanning service with a small company, Mace took on a sales role selling the service to physicians. He fell in love with selling and spent the next twenty years honing his selling skills in one of the most competitive segments of the medical device industry.  Seeing the need for specialized medical sales training programs and workshops, Mace started Sales Pilot Medical Sales Performance  in 2005 by creating programs specifically designed for healthcare sales professionals.

Mace travels nationally and internationally to present highly interactive and engaging programs and workshops to maximize medical sales performance  for companies that produce and market surgical and non-surgical devices, medical equipment and supplies, dental and pharmaceutical companies.  Mace also presents public seminars for independent medical sales professionals and people who are looking to enter medical sales.

For information on how Mace can help your salespeople to get in the door and get the customer to say “YES” go to the Medical Sales Performance website.

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